6 easy tricks to make nails beautiful

6 easy tricks to make nails beautiful

Look at your nails carefully. Do they have strong and healthy views? Or do you see white spots and pits in them? Do they break down quickly? If yes, that means you are not taking care of your nails properly. Proper nail development requires proper care and cleaning. Nails also need nutrients like the rest of the body. They also represent your physical health. If your nails aren't healthy, that means your body is not getting the nutrition it needs.

With these easy prescriptions you can make your nails look shiny and strong:

1. Use of creamy handwash

Nail drying can cause many problems. They need to be moisturized for healthy nails. Instead of a chemical handwash, use a good natural antibacterial wash containing Tea Tree or Yucca lipsticks.

2. Avoid hot and cold water

Extremely hot or cold temperatures are harmful to nails. Always wash hands with warm water. Overheated water damages nails. The nerves in the nails are swollen with sharp hot or cold water and the nails turn red.

3. The moderate use of nail polish

Always use a good quality nail polish that does not contain harmful chemicals. Do not let the nail polish last for long. Also, use a light bulb to remove the nail polish. Nail polish remover acetone should be acetone-free. Sixth to wash the hands thoroughly, after wiping the towel, apply a good moisturizer and baby oil.

4. Injury and injury care

Try not to hurt the nails. If there is any stomachache, see your doctor right away. Do not use any kind of chemicals on the nails until the injury is healed. A small socket applied to the nails can also cause fungal infections or infections.

5. Cleaning of nails

To keep the nails of the hands and feet clean, take semi-warm water in a tub. Add a spoon of salt to it. Soak the hands and feet in it for about ten minutes. Then clean with a soft sponge. Soak the cotton in lemon juice and apply it on the nails. After drying the hands and feet apply some good cold cream on the feet and nails. You can also use almond or coconut oil. Cut the nails with a nail cutter. This way your nails will soften and shine.

6. Bad habit of cutting nails

Nail cutting is a bad practice. This makes the nails look ugly. And if the nails hurt like this, then blood starts to form which can cause infection. Always use a clean nail cutter or scissors to cut the nails.

Nail cleaning is essential in the face, hair and foot care. Most women only pay attention to their nails for special occasions, while beautiful nails are always demanding attention, so it is not right to neglect them.