A new method of asthma treatment

A new method of asthma treatment

Sometimes asthma suffers so much that it becomes difficult to walk two steps.

Jewel Benton, an asthma sufferer, says I have trouble breathing. When I get up the stairs to my room, I have to rest with my dresser for a while.

Asthma sufferers have to cope with symptoms such as lifelong cough, difficulty breathing, and chest discomfort.

Paul Garb belongs to the Centers for Disease Control, a gynecological research center in the United States where he heads the Lung Disease Center. According to him, recent research shows that asthma is more common in certain groups of races, age, and gender.

They say children, women and black American men have higher asthma rates. Black American children have the highest number of asthma complaints in children's groups. About 17% of children in this group may have asthma, which is higher than any other group of children.

According to the World Health Organization, about 23 million people worldwide have this complaint. Despite educational campaigns on reducing pollution and the effects of smoking and air pollution, one in every 12 people in the United States has asthma. ۔

Recent research has also shown that children who suffer from allergic reactions to dietary and environmental factors are more likely to suffer from asthma at an early age. Experts say that the disease can be countered by information about avoiding environmental factors that cause asthma and how to deal with asthma symptoms.

Paul Garb says we don't know the causes of asthma, so we can't stop it from spreading. We know that once someone has asthma and the doctor diagnoses it, we can prevent the symptoms of asthma from appearing. 

Patients can learn to live with asthma. But they should also have access to medical care and the convenience of having regular contact with a doctor. So that the doctor can prescribe the right medication, and teach the child and the parent to cope with the symptoms, depending on their symptoms.

According to doctors, there is no cure for asthma. And there are very few drugs to combat the symptoms. These include inhalers, tablets, and injections.

Bronchial Thermoplasty, a new treatment regimen approved by the US Food and Drug Administration linked to diet and medicine, can be used to enlarge the patient's airways through the test.

Cleveland Clinic, a Cleveland Clinic physician, is one of the few doctors to try this method. She says some of her patients have benefited from this treatment.

She says the basic concept of this treatment is to increase the respiratory tract and reduce cough seizures and pressure in the respiratory tract.

But Dr. Khatri says the treatment may cause inflammation in the lungs, and asthma may even exacerbate. It says that Bronchial thermoplasty is not cured for patients who have very minor asthma complaints. And should be used only for those who have no other treatment method for asthma.