Allergies and chronic diarrhea: causes and treatment

Allergies and chronic diarrhea: causes and treatment

There is no specific cause for allergies. Each person may have different causes for allergies, but usually, the kidney can be caused by haze, aroma, wind and even a drug. Pollen is the leading cause of allergies in the spring season. 

Doctors and experts say the structure and texture of pollen are such that it causes allergic disease and affects the human organs. The higher the amount of pollen in the air and the atmosphere, the more likely it is that the allergic disease will increase. Pollen allergy is a seasonal disease.

There are numerous causes of allergies. Our current artificial lives, including closed houses, illuminated and dark rooms, carpets, artificial foods, drinks, and perfumes, are just a few of the causes of allergies. More than the villages have an allergy to the city, which is caused by air pollution. Wherever there is a lack of clean water, allergies and chronic colds are rampant.

 Allergies and chronic erosions account for 5% of lung, throat, gastric and nasal cancer patients. In the winter, they are more prone to attack because of the increased humidity and heavy air. Opportunity. Sunshine and humid air are the best places for these germs. When the cold of our nose, ears, throat and upper part of the respiratory system cools, the external cold air, which contains germs and allergy-causing particles, enters our respiratory tract and causes illness. 

That is why experts seem to suggest avoiding and treating the causes and causes of allergies. Cleanliness is very important along with transparent fresh air and open air. Windows should be kept open for fresh air. Cleaning the air conditioner and getting rid of dampers is very important.

How is it possible to cure allergies and diarrhea in the winter and what are the ways we can protect ourselves from these diseases. The foods that cause these diseases in the winter need to be avoided to some extent. Bad and cool things should not be used at all. Avoid cold air while traveling. 

Anti-allergy pills suppress the disease periodically, but it keeps growing and spreading inside, and sometimes increases so much as asthma and chronic shortness of breath, shortness of breath, lack of sleep, tension and Becomes a source of anxiety. Some people start with chronic cough, itching, and phlegm. Never suppress the disease, but you must use certain medications consistently.

If a person is suffering from chronic allergies and allergic asthma or is suffering from chronic nasal congestion and sleep disturbances at night, put a few drops on both the nostrils of the olive nose and exhale.

 It will be very beneficial to do this only a few days, pulling upwards. In the same way, take a tablespoon of tea made from a good pharmacy, dissolve in a cup of warm water and drink a little. Use at least twice in the morning in the evening. Insha'Allah will be beneficial, as it is the best treatment for chronic nausea and allergies.

Both mint, dried celery should be weighed and prepared with saffron, and use half a teaspoon three times a day with water or tea. With some use, the disease will be completely cured. If used with caution and regular use of the above medicines for some time, it can be avoided in winter. 

Some people also suffer from inflammation due to allergies and are often used blindly with antibiotics. If the drug reacts immediately after the drug is used, further use of the drug should be discontinued and the elderly should be given an Evil tablet while the children are given an Evil syrup. Evil injections are also applied in acute drug reactions.