Get strong dental health!

Get strong dental health!

Teeth are a part of the beauty of the face. If there is any kind of impairment or illness in the teeth, then eating too many delicacies along with the disabilities will result in the inability to take care of the teeth. If we clean our teeth at least twice daily, many dental diseases can be protected. After eating a particularly sweet, the teeth must be cleaned because sugar is a special type of bacteria that, together with the saliva, turns into acidic substances, the acid substance deposits on the tooth surface.

 We open the door Dental care For tooth diseases and beauty it is important to brush with a good toothpaste every morning and morning, if possible, after each meal. Do not ignore the pain or inconvenience caused by a tooth and see a doctor right away. 

Brushing method To brush your teeth, always use a medium-sized brush that is neither too soft nor too tight. In some cases, the tooth is killed and hardened so that it is not easy to get rid of. The simplest solution is floss.

 Choose the correct flask and use it properly. And cleans the tooth layer. Teeth can be cleaned without using gum properly. The baby in the food between the toothpaste excludes certain particles and other similar components. In order to enhance the beauty of the homemade glow to the teeth, it is necessary to shine the teeth as beads. First, brush the brush with lemon juice and then soda in a bonnet. Brush your teeth now. Teeth will start to shine like beads. Cleanse teeth by mixing mustard oil and salt. This will also cause glow in the teeth. 

Take a teaspoon of food soda, salt, and honey for the removal of teeth. - Clean the teeth with it daily. If there is a pain in the teeth, placing a piece of onion in it relieves the pain. Cinnamon oil, lemon juice, and gold salt.

To make the teeth shine, clean the teeth with half the bark. Applying the juice of the tomatoes removes the frozen tissue. Peeling off the gums relieves the gum edema. Stick to the head and honey to strengthen the teeth. Mix and cook thickly. Then, in the mornings on the teeth, the teeth will become strong and shiny.

 Take care of your diet and try to ensure that the diet contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Using raw salads, apples, folds helps gum work. Cleaning your teeth before bedtime enhances their health and doesn't even smell bad in the mouth.

 Gums protect teeth and gums are closely related to diet and digestion, but gums need more attention than teeth. If gums become weak, they may be prone to tooth loss. Research has shown that fluorine abuse has negative effects on teeth. 

These effects are greater in areas where the amount of fluoride in drinking water is high. Avoid the use of tobacco, which not only makes the teeth gummy and breathless but also causes complications such as gums and throat cancer. Avoid too much sweetness or sugary substances, chocolates, candies, and too many sugary drinks are not as well-liked by physicians these days. 

They also increase the amount of acid in the mouth which eventually leads to Tooth decay ends by going tooth decay. Toothpaste is designed for chewing gum, so take care not to make them a scalp or similar tool to open the "tooth". 

Similarly, do not try to cut, tear, tear things that have separate tools. To protect the gums, gumming a few homemade pieces of honey into the head helps strengthen the gums.

 Vitamins are useful for immune infection in the gums. Due to this nutrient deficiency, gums become sensitive and sensitive to bleeding. Boil a six-inch slice of Arjun's bark in water well. With this water, it will make the teeth strong, shiny and will not smell from the mouth. To keep the gums healthy, it is important to know who is moving properly between the teeth and around the gums.

 Mixing two drops of mustard oil and a pinch of salt together on the teeth will give a glow to the teeth. Mix this mixture with a few drops of honey and honey and mix it. Putting a piece of cotton on a piece of cotton equivalent to a clove of mustard in a toothache can relieve the pain.