How To Protect Nails

How To Protect Nails

The beauty of women is their own example, they want to feel beautiful and appreciated from head to toe. The color of the picture universe is also on their tail. That is why she focuses on beauty.

Dirty earrings, pink lips, brightly colored eyes, red cheeks, delicate hand-wrinkled fingers, and decorative nails on them that make the personality even more beautiful. Women are often carefree in nail care, which makes them attractive to their hands.

Just as nutrients are essential for good health, good skin and beauty, vitamins and calcium are also important for nail development, their strength, their pink complexion. These can be used to ensure the beauty of the nails as well as their safety.

To protect nails: (Nail care)

٭ Women who are more involved in household chores and are more prone to water when washing clothes and utensils that affect their nails. To avoid it.

خ Nails affect the skin just as the effect of dry air in winter, women should wear socks and gloves to protect the nails of the hands and feet.

مین Make sure to have a manicure and pedicure at least once a month to maintain the beauty of the nails.

MiniCover and PDCure method

٭ Clean the nail polish on the nails of the hands and feet first.
فائل File the nails according to the finger shape.
٭ Use a wood-fired filer to file.
٭ Steel filler spreads nail diseases due to repeated use.
ین Throw the wood filler once after use.
٭ If your fingers are long, trim the nails into a round shape.
چو Chow core shape is also suitable for long fingers.
٭ If your fingers are thick, file the plunger in a bold way so that the fingers look long and delicate.
جھ A membrane called cuticle is found around the nails.
• If you are accustomed to washing your hands with water repeatedly during homework, this membrane goes away automatically.
Otherwise, cream, lotion, and liquid are available in the market to remove it.
ہاتھ Clean hands and feet after removing the cavity.
اسپ Use a sponge or foam for cleaning Pumicestone.
استعمال Use specially made masks for hands and feet

In case of nails broken

If both nails on the hands and feet are broken repeatedly, use calcium, vitamin and folic acid. Eat eggs, milk, cheese, meat, especially in your diet. These ingredients are very important for nails strengthening.

Nails for attraction

If you want to keep your nails clean as well as beautiful then massage Vitamin E oil, the nails will become firmer and white and will also increase the attractiveness of the hands.

For cleaning nails

To clean the hands and feet nails and put them in a tub, add half warm water, dissolve salt in this water and soak the hands and feet for at least 15 minutes. Then lightly brush it with a soft brush. Clean up

Nails Protection Prescription

ایک Crush one garlic of ginger daily and nail on the nails for another three minutes. The nails will turn pink and strong.

اج After washing the nails, massage cold cream, lotion, olive oil, almonds or coconut.
صاف Clean and trim the nails and round it with a nail filer, this process will make the nails pink, white and shiny.

اگر If there are white spots on the nails, they are a sign of calcium deficiency. Use an iron-rich diet. Calories and milk are the best foods for them.

Yellow nails announce dehydration and liver failure in the body, drink more water and treat the liver according to the doctor's advice.

• Nail trimming is very important for nails to grow, it accelerates development and nails start growing.
گ Avoid nail clipping, it spreads germs and also nails.