Principles of maintaining the health of your money

Principles of maintaining the health of your money

Cycling is not just a means of transportation to school or office. Riding a bike can also be a healthy sport for the body. But be careful, cycling cannot be done properly and can cause problems with penis health. So, what is the risk and risk of maintaining penis health when cycling? Easy, you can find all your answers in the following review.

According to a study published in the Acta Scandinavian Neurology, 20% of men experience numbness in very moment cycling, while 13% also experience unemployment for more than seven days. This is because participants' experience of too much cycling damages the pendulum's nerve and nerve tissue.

The ventricular nerve is the main nerve located in the perineum (the area between the testicles and the organs), involved in the process of integration and orgasm in men. Wherein the peripheral tissue (corneal severnosa) is a sponge tissue, including many blood vessels, which are also renal tissue.

When sitting on a bicycle, the total weight is supported by the bits. This, in turn, causes the tune of the region between the perineal area, the interfering and medial components. The location of the pudendal nerve in this perineum provides blood flow to the male penis.

Not ideal - A bicycle is too long to sit on a bike seat - usually a short, tight, and long bicycle seat that has a 'nose' at the end - puts a lot of pressure on the pedal nerve. As a result, penile blood in the penis decreases by 66% and may gradually decrease. Therefore, the penis can become mute (numb), heartache, difficult to avoid, or even an excruciating disease (also called impossible).

When cycling to maintain penis health?

Knowing the dangers of cycling for penis health doesn't mean you have to stop this healthy habit. Because it depends on how long you ride every day. If the frequency of cycling is low, the risk of penis erosion is also reduced.

There are some ways that can help maintain penis health during such cycling.

1. Improve body correction

The best position to maintain penis health while cycling is to balance your weight in the bones. This sitting bone is located in the area of ​​the buttocks that form the basis of your weight.

May accelerate the speed of cycles in the future. Unfortunately, this position also puts a lot of pressure on your genetic nerve. So better balance your body by sitting comfortably to maintain the health of your penis. Keep your back straight to reduce the pressure on the bones and adjacent organs while sitting.

Therefore, replace your bicycle cycle widely so that bodyweight does not take into account vital organs. In addition, you can also use special pants designed to protect the waist and make the area fall while cycling. These pants are padded or foam that is elastic and thick enough, so that it can be protected when cycling, especially when on the roads.

3. Limiting the intensity of cycling

There is nothing wrong with cycling sports, but you also have to pay attention to the frequency of exercise. Do it a long time before you start cycling again another day.

At least, give enough space for your vital organs when under pressure. Don't let sex problems affect your driving routine. As reported by Livestrong, cycling actually reduces the risk of type church transmission which can lead to cartilage disease.

The most important thing is to manage the cycling time and intensity, to improve the sitting position and to change the bicycle sets to maintain the health of your penis.