Protect teeth for better health

Protect teeth for better health

Teeth are an integral part of our body, but how ironic that we pay the least attention to them. This is the reason why most of Pakistan's population is suffering from many types of diseases in their mouth which can be very dangerous for health. In the language of statistics, we can say that almost every citizen of Pakistan is suffering from some dental disease. 95% of children's teeth and gums are impaired and at least 40% of children's teeth are crooked and 10% of children's teeth are found to be wormwood, followed by loss of teeth in their young and old age. 

The number is increasing rapidly. Women, in particular, are becoming increasingly vulnerable to this problem.

We have no regular dental hygiene. Along with the traditional affordability, parents are less likely to draw attention to themselves. The majority of women are unaware of this fact, but some educated people have heard the saying that brushing makes teeth worse, so we do not brush.

Minor teeth and gums cause other fatal diseases in the body. So consciously, children young and old and women are all in the grip of dental diseases, although with the slightest caution, our natural teeth can stay with us for a long time.

Some of the wrong types of dental hygiene and hygiene habits have become our tradition. people also complain that they regularly clean their teeth for many years, then why do they have teeth problems? There are two reasons for this: One is unfamiliar with the principle of dental hygiene, which not only cleanses the teeth but also brushes on the sides of the teeth to make holes open and to feel cool. And the second reason is that the purpose of protecting something is not that it should never go towards annihilation. The purpose of safety and caution is to just be with us and with it.

People in our cities and villages who are accustomed to traditional teeth clean their teeth before breakfast. This method has become their tradition and habit, and there is a section that is accustomed to bed tee but does not brush teeth, then brushes before tea after breakfast and does well on its own. 

The dental cleaning phase actually comes after breakfast and dinner. The purpose of dental hygiene is to remove the food particles that remain in the spaces between the teeth. Therefore, especially after brushing, the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned with a brush or stew so that the particles of food can be drained out and do not become toxic material at night. 

If the teeth are well-cleaned at night, then bedding will provide some benefit as the moisturizing secretions in the morning are very good for our health if the teeth are cleaned before going to bed otherwise, and not for breakfast. It is sufficient to rinse first, but after brushing or brushing the teeth, the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned. So that the food particles do not lead to bacterial nourishment. 

Coal scoop for cleaning teeth. The use of almond blossoms, brick kiln or any other type of stools can cause harm rather than a benefit. Because mumps, etc., cause trapping and sickness, which makes it very common for gum bleeding to occur.

Similarly, the use of toothpaste with a finger is wrong and harmful. Extracting food particles from toothpaste after removing and trapping teeth is extremely important and useful. Using toothpick creates extra holes in the teeth.
In olden times people used to interrupt regularly and tied the interrupting device with thread. The secret to their dental health was, however, for regular dental hygiene, using a simple toothpaste and a simple brush is useful.
Our teeth play a crucial role in fine-tuning a machine's food. It is the members of every type of exterior that not only look good to the face but also play a significant role in creating personal attractiveness. ۔

Teeth produce chemical secretions like heart and liver, but they are part of the body. Those who end up supporting human beings. The teeth are similarly present in bodies buried under the earth for thousands of years and indicate the special period of history in which the owner of these teeth was alive. Inwardly and politely the dialogue is the key to good and healthy teeth.

Nowadays the personality can be judged by the appearance of the teeth in the world. For example, if a person's upper and front teeth come into the hands of a specialist, he can analyze them only without teeth. Will The shape of the face and the upper front teeth are the same. According to modern psychology, facial textures can be divided into three parts. For example, the round face has an attractive appearance, its beauty, and the pure face, the la matura face. Such facial personality will have a high degree of sentimentality and irresistible temperament.

The owner of a square face is usually well-balanced in nature and lion in the conversation can divide the characters into two parts. can go.
Even so, I would like to point your attention to the gums of the teeth now, because if the gums are healthy then the teeth will be healthy too. If we find the causes of dental diseases, 99% of dental diseases are caused by gums, such as cold sores, bleeding from the gums, odor along with teeth and mouth odor, etc.

Gum disease is a universal disease. About 20% of children under the age of three become gum patients and at age 6 their number reaches 60% and when they are near 11 years, their average reaches 90%. At about the age of eleven and seventeen, the patient has a greater sense of dental hygiene as the gum disease increases with age. Gums suffer in girls at the age of 10 and a half. 

This force breaks down over the next three years. The disease is attacked by boys at the age of fourteen. At this age, girls are more prone to cleanliness, but after that age, the disease remains almost at that stage. It mostly depends on how the girl cleans her mouth. And focuses on cleaning your teeth.

Everyone on their own should take care of their teeth and take careful care of their hygiene. Even today, people who look sixty years old are pure and all their teeth are safe. They have no dental disease. At that age, genders suck and bones are eaten meat.
How to brush, how to do it

Some brushes are hard and some are soft in the middle, but now hard brushes are not considered good for the teeth because the gum fibers are soft and delicate, they hurt so you should buy a good type of brush The ends are not so sharp nor soft enough that they cannot be cleaned. The main purpose of the brush is the complete cleansing of the teeth and the cleansing of the plaque. 

The white or yellow layer of mail makes ginger meat its place. When the roots open, the germs attack. Blood drops out of the pus. The moss or brush should be turned up and down on the metal so that their middle teeth are clean. The brush should be kept clean Some people change the brush every month. By placing the paste in the brush and keeping it moist, germs are created in it. Some carefully apply the paste with a finger and then wash and straighten the brush. Put the brush in a plastic pot so it doesn't dry out, it should be kept straight. After every ten days, wash the brush with warm water.

There is no replacement for fresh dental hygiene. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Maswak was very fond. Yes, we use semi, cucumber, olive, Sik
h china, and paulwak. In the west, it is called the "toothbrush tree". Smokers are better than brushes. Cleanses the teeth and glows in them. Dirty moisturizer removes odor and mouth odor. Removes mucus from the throat is useful in throat diseases.