Protect yourself from the flu

Protect yourself from the flu

How can the flu affect you?

The flu suffers from a severe cold. The most common symptoms of flu include fever, chills, headache

Pain, joint and muscle aches, and extreme fatigue. Generally, these symptoms are very mild, but this

Can also be very severe. Healthy people usually recover within two to seven days, but the disease goes to the hospital

Admissions can also lead to disability or death. This flu if you are currently suffering from a health problem

Can cause more severity. If you are pregnant, the effects of the flu can be very serious and yours

Complications can arise in relation to pregnancy.

What causes the flu?

The flu is caused by many types of viruses that affect the airways and lungs. And because 
this one

Antibiotics do not work because of the virus and not for the treatment caused by the bacteria.

What can you do to prevent the flu?

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, they transmit the virus through small drops of saliva.

Are from They may then be breathing in other people's affected environment or touching the affected surface.

 You cough or sneeze by covering your mouth and nose and using a clean tissue
Putting it in the bin can prevent the spread of the virus.
ونے Washing your hands regularly can reduce your risk of getting infected.
The best way to prevent flu is to get a flu vaccine!

What is flu vaccination?

The flu vaccination, also known as the flu vaccine, is a vaccine for the arm, or for some children

Spray, which specialists manufacture using ingredients that will help protect your body against illnesses

Let's help identify and trigger the system so that if you experience flu

Be able to resist.

Who needs the flu vaccination?

  • Free flu vaccines are available to people of any age who are particularly at risk of flu.
  • The following medical problems are: 1 am because of n
  •  Heart problems
  •  Chronic chest complaints or breathing problems including severe asthma, chronic TB, or lungs
  • Diseases are included
  • . Kidney disease
  • کم Impairment of the body's immune system due to illness or treatment (such as steroid drugs or cancer)
  • Treatment of
  •  liver disease
  • دور Have a stroke or temporary interruption of the blood vessel to the brain (TIA)
  • Diabetes
  •  Neurological problems such as multiple cirrhoses (MS,) cerebral palsy, which causes physical paralysis
  • Disability in motion or Parkinson's discomfort
  •  Your spleen problems such as sickle cell disease, or your spleen have been removed
  • . Learning disabilities

Flu vaccination is also offered to many healthy people over the age of 56
People, pregnant women, caregivers of the sick, working in care homes, care homes

Including health and health care personnel.

If you are not sure whether you should apply for a free flu vaccination, contact your GP, practice nurse, a midwife.

What should be done about children and young people?

If you have children who are experiencing any of the medical problems described above six months of age

Take your GP surgery for flu vaccination. This is a routine childhood vaccination - please
Can be given with. If your child has a minor inconvenience such as a headache, give them vaccination.

But if there is a fever then it can be delayed. For less than six months they may have had a problem

Flu vaccination should not be given to an older child because it does not work well in young children.

This is why it is important that pregnant women should be given flu vaccination - the ability to protect against the flu.
Will protect them.

Are there people who should not be given flu vaccination?

Almost everyone can get a flu vaccination, but if you have a previous vaccine or any of it,
You should not vaccinate if there is a serious reaction to the ingredients. If you are allergic to eggs

Or if there is a medical problem that causes your body's immune system to weaken, the flu vaccine

Some types of treatment may not be right for you - consult your GP, practice nurse, midwife or pharmacist.

) If you have a fever, vaccination may be delayed until you recover.

Does it have any side effects?

You may feel a slight pain in your arm where you have been vaccinated, and some people may need a day or two.

Moderate temperatures and muscle aches can occur. Flu vaccination does not make you flu. Usually in children

No additional effects are found but may include runny nose or closure, headache, general fatigue and loss of appetite.

Symptoms of depletion may include.

Will the flu vaccination provide me with complete protection?

Most people who get the flu vaccination will not get the flu. When used with the recent vaccine virus

If well mixed, about three-quarters of the vaccinators are likely to be safe.
The rest of those who become ill may have some protection in reducing the severity of the symptoms.

I think I have the flu already, do I need the flu vaccination?

Yes. Because you have no idea what flu virus caused your flu, get rid of your illness

Vaccination should be done as soon as it can protect you against other flu viruses.

I had the flu vaccination last year. Do I need it again this year?

Yes. The flu vaccine this winter will provide protection against several different types of flu that have been reported since last year.
There are different