Use lemons carefully

Use lemons carefully

Lahore: (Daily World) The color of ripe lemons is yellow and the green of raw lemons. It tastes sweet, second-rate and cold-tempered. The dosage is 6 mosquitoes of lemon juice, while the amount of salmon is one to three drops.

Lemons have many benefits, some of which are mentioned below. After washing the head, if the water is mixed with lemon juice and re-applied to the hair and dried with a towel, the hair will shine. Salad vegetables, such as poi din, etc., if dried, then the lemon juice mixed with water sprinkles on them again.

Benefits of inflammation and urinary incontinence. Combined with 10 grams of lemon juice and 10 grams of basil leaves in a week, it can relieve the pain within a week. If the ears are flowing, then a pinch of honey is added to the ear of the honey and then two drops of lemon juice will stop flowing. 

Lemon juice can be removed immediately by mixing weights with water three times a day so that the bad odor of the mouth is eliminated immediately. If for some reason the bad breath is not removed then consult the doctor immediately. should do.

In the case of itching and dryness, 5 grams of lemon juice, 10 grams of rosemary and 15 grams of pomegranate oil, mixing all three in the itching area will be beneficial in a few days. Lemon eliminates germs If the hemorrhoids are applied to the pimples, they heal quickly and the wounds heal quickly by applying foam. 

Mix lemon juice in the basin and apply it on the face to remove scars, spots. Lemon juice externally makes the skin soft and sensual. Sometimes, mixing lemon juice with honey and curing it will cure the cough.

Lemon juice overlays the entire body machinery from head to toe, and its moderate use guarantees good health and well-being. If there is bleeding from the teeth, mixing one teaspoon of lemon juice, one glass of warm water and two tablespoons of honey daily, it will cure the disease. It is also called pyuria disease.

 Kidney and bladder stones can expel lumps of lime. The stomach is light and soft and also has constipation. The scurvy disease leads to swollen gums, dark spots on the body, and constant pain in the body. Use of lemons is useful in this.

It is also important to know that the use of lemons in the presence of all these qualities is harmful, the high concentration of lemons is harmful to the teeth and the excess of lemons can cause muscle aches, so It is useful to use a fixed-dose