We solve the problem - how to lift immunity

We solve the problem - how to lift immunity

The immune system is a complex organ of human being providing a barrier against complex or external harmful factors - bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins, and allergies; as well as internally, produced in the process of human life. For example, abnormal cells are destroyed by specialized cells responsible for tumor immunity.

 As long as their processes are in balance, the disease kept "under control". As soon as there is a lack of immunity, the disease progresses. Cancer or autoimmune systemic lesions from the common cold. Therefore, everyone, especially one who is often suffering from a cold or allergy - should consider how to raise immunity.

How to determine immune status

The indicator of reduced immune activity is the number of factors that you should pay attention to. You begin to tire of normal activities, and even after a long rest, feeling increasingly tired and sleepy muscles and joint pain, insomnia, and feel that you have started Repeated herpes labialis, including the common cold, including "to chase", it's time to decide how to raise immunity. Reliable immunnogrammu may be passed by to determine the status of the immune system and seek medical immunology. However, before you spend money on a visit to a medical clinic, you may want to try to get immunity on your own.

Ways to strengthen the immune system

This may sound trite, the basic principle of problem-solving, how to raise the immune system, is very simple. It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle in all its aspects. Enough to imagine how people lived 50 years ago. It is clear that we can not change the polluted air in the clean capital - only if moving to a remote village. But we have the power to do our daily routine and diet so that you feel healthy.

Many years ago, people did not suffer from frequent colds. They spend a lot of time eating healthy foods fresh (clean!) And the air is actively growing. And also do not know the concept of "stress" and did not experience chronic fatigue, not enough sleep and lying on the couch near the TV. Because of this, modern humans should strive to bring the way of our ancestors to life.

Review your diet. There are raw vegetables and fruits in it, this is a weekly fish service? Do you drink fresh juice or enjoy sweet drinks? And how do you do with fast food and convenience products? Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a healthy nutritional diet. 

And the body is experiencing a chronic shortage of vital ingredients, such as essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, while building material is available to build not only immune cells, which is natural that weakens the immune system. Will. 

Therefore, the diet should be protein (1 g per 1.5 kg body weight), ie 150 g of meat or fish as well as eggs and milk. It is important to eat grains (porridge), bran cereals, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The normal balance of vitamins and minerals for daily intake of fruits and vegetables (which produce a large number of immune cells), for the normal functioning of the intestine, should not be less than 400 g. To maintain

In addition to eating, strengthening the immune system is essential to maintain an active lifestyle. There are interesting results obtained in the study of people who have lived for 100 years. It turns out that they all had one thing in common: - If someone was chopping wood, someone was cutting grass etc to engage in physical activity before the appearance of sweat every day, the important thing was It doesn't matter - at full strength ... it maintains a balance between oxidation and reduction processes in cells, stimulating metabolism and protecting the body from slagging. As a result, there are free radicals in the body, of which no additional immune system is "kept in voltage". Therefore, it is important to actively make daily moving hours, swimming pools or gyms.

How to lift immunity, it is necessary to eliminate stress factors - in addition to diet and physical activity, to solve the problem. This is not always possible. In this case, you need to learn to relax. So, you need to choose the most appropriate for yourself - meditation, auto training, massage, and bath relaxation.

In order to strengthen the fight against diseases, there are reasons to lift immunity. Echinacea several folk remedies based on tincture, various immunomodulators, aloe, onion, and needles.

With all the adults clear, so the question is - compared to raising the baby of immunity to solve a little more difficult. In the first place, the task of obtaining immunity decides the vaccine. For this reason, we should not abandon them unless there are severe contradictions. Second, you need to feed your baby only useful products to give this vitamin and minerals, especially for children of his age, as an additional lifting factor of immunity. Third, children may also experience chronic stress, from family, kindergarten or school to unfavorable psychological and emotional situations. Therefore, good immunity for the baby, in addition to diet and vitamins,